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A bunch of old pictures of Hannah requested by Anonymous [x]

Anonymous: "You're so cute! I love your face"

thank u i don’t at the moment so i’m gonna delete my recent selfie 

Los Angeles - July 22, 2014 [HQ]

Anonymous: "Yay! (:"

woo look at how dumb i look yay

Anonymous: "Hey cutie, can you post a selfie?"

sure u can have one from the other day friend 



"I just accidentally locked myself on my deck and I have no way to get down or inside so I might as well take a selfie" selfie

Hour one: I am thirsty. There is no ac outside; it is hot.


Luke and I at z100

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I’m bored so why not ships?


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    no notes no one ever saw this okay

"hey we're taking on the world, i'll take you where you want to go. pick you up when you fall to pieces, let me be the one to save you." 
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There were no complaints waking up to this